Lead Generation.

Multi-channel promotion of your brand to quality audience environments is key to any lead generation strategy. At Digital 55, Lead Generation is what we do best!

Pay Per Click Advertising.


Efficiently lets you repeat your message as a reminder to customers who have visited your site while they are active online.


The method of delivering different content to that visitor based on their geolocation.


Geofencing is a digital boundary set around a physical area and is used in  marketing.


Social Media Marketing.

Social media can be a powerful marketing tool, allowing businesses of any size to stay connected to customers, reach more prospects and build brand loyalty.

Social Media has changed the media game for virtually every retail, consumer and business-to-business company. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and others have altered the dynamic about how customers, communities and brands interact so that it now requires a skillfully planned calendar with a playbook of relevant, seasonal content items combined with the ability to call “audibles” as needed.

Full Service Email Marketing.

Want to start email marketing but don’t have the time or staff to manage it? Let us handle all the details for you!

At Digital 55, we know how to design and write emails that engage your audience and deliver the maximum response your business deserves. We can update your email lists to keep them fresh, lean and effective. We can create amazing custom design emails to drive traffic to your website. We can also track your email marketing campaigns performance with comprehensive reporting and analytics.


Live Website Chat.

The highest satisfaction rating of any support channel.

It can increase sales, deliver immediate customer support and acquire new leads all at once. Our Live Website Chat tool can seamlessly integrate on your website, allowing your website visitors to engage in real-time text conversations with a live representative to answer basic questions 24/7.


Centralize Data

Your CRM should be the hub from which sales, marketing, and communications flow. Our cloud-based CRM INUGO is brilliantly uncomplicated, connecting lead generation, communications and big data analytics into one seamless and effective tool.


Let's Start Something Amazing.

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