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Last call: Corn Mazes

Corn Maze:

This is the last weekend to enjoy a corn mazeCorn Mazes offer great memories for couples or families. Most mazes are open from September or October until Oct 31 or Nov 1. Make sure you enjoy the beautiful fall colors and support your local family farm before they're closed for the season!

Kackleberry Farm

Dana went to Kackleberry Farm in Monroe, MI over the weekend.  They have this awesome Mario Bro.Themed Corn Maze. There are 3 parts to this maze.   The first part makes it easy for little ones to follow through the maze without getting lost. Next was a Maze with the story boards of Jack and the Giant Corn Stalk. The third maze had Nintendo Trivia to direct you in the right direction.  If you could figure out what the picture boards were and tell the people that worked there you would win a prize. The Farm also had a small pumpkin patch that you got to via tractor ride. Amenities include pumpkins to purchase, piglet races, playgrounds games, food, and more. Their link is https://kackleberryfarm.com/

Fleitz Pumpkin Farm

Fleitz pumpkin farm is in Oregon, OH is my favorite to visit every year because they have pretty much the same scenery every year so you can take annual photos and see how the kids have changed. They have a small and large maze, hayride, corn kernel playground with bails of hay, animals to feed, and freshly made donuts. You can purchase cider, apples, gourds, indian corn, and much, much more. They are dog-friendly, however, our girl was miserably scared throughout the hayride. https://www.fleitzpumpkinfarm.com/

Wheeler Farms

A huge family favorite is Wheeler Farms because they change their maze (which also is 3 mazes in one) each year. They have a hayride, cider and donuts, and the Butterfly House. http://www.wheelerfarms.com/
Get out and enjoy these local corn mazes before they close! Contact us here!

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Attitude of Gratitude

It is hard to keep a positive attitude all of the time.

Technology can be of little help. When something “breaks” or if the system is down, it is so easy to have it change your outlook and destroy your whole day. Speaking as someone who has lost important data countless times, I know how you feel. However, so many things are easier because of technology. Having experts that can help every day, like the friendly staff at Digital 55, can feel like a win! Any time of the year it is important to refocus your Stinking Thinking to an Attitude of Gratitude.  An attitude of gratitude forces you to get outside of your problems and look at the bigger picture. 

If it feels like nothing is going right, take a break from whatever is causing you frustration immediately and use some simple tips to recalibrate your thoughts.

Tips for having an attitude of gratitude:

  • Count your blessings. It’s not a cliché. We have so much to be thankful for.
  • Start a Gratitude Journal. Make it a habit to make a mental or physical list of things you are grateful for. Technology problems? Be grateful for the ways technology makes your life easier, your job, a beautiful day, wonderful family who loves you, etc.
  • Say “Thank You” throughout the day. If you get a complement or someone holds the door open, remember to smile and thank them. Pay them a compliment back as well. Brighten someone else’s day. Make it contagious. 
  • Tell those around you how much you appreciate them. Coworkers, family, neighbors, friends, and strangers are going through something right now. Brighten their day and let them know you appreciate the big and little things they do.
  • Write thank-you notes to someone who has inspired or encouraged you in your life.
  • Focus on others. Making sure others feel their worth instead of being self-centered and always thinking about yourself will change your outlook. Working with or spending time with children can have a positive impact on the way you feel during (and after you give them back to their parents!)
  • Stop negative talk such as “I feel like I’ve been run over by a Mack Truck!!” or talking like you’re older than you are. Start focusing on your biological age instead of your chronological age.

Life is too short to not be happy. 

People who are grateful are happier people. It’s never too late to start cultivating an attitude of gratitude. People will notice a difference in your life and it will start a positive perpetual cycle where you will feel better as the people around you feel better. Get started right now. What are you grateful for? 

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The Big Squeeze: Mammogram Experience

The Mammogram

We have all heard that taking charge of your healthcare is important.  But actually doing it can be rather intimidating, especially when it comes to getting your first mammogram. 

Most of us have known someone who found a breast lump at one point or another.  Whether they are benign or not, the possibility is terrifying.  So, the idea of going to look for something that you cannot actively feel seems like you are looking for trouble.  This is where being your own health care advocate becomes important.  Just because you can’t feel it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get checked. 

Most doctors don’t recommend women start getting yearly mammograms until they are in their 40’s (usually age 40-44).[1]  My mammogram journey began early because I have a family history of breast cancer.  In cases like mine doctors usually recommend biennial (every other year) screenings starting 10 years of age before the family member was diagnosed.[2] 

The Visit

There are always so many questions that run through my head before a new doctor visit; but this one is like no other.  What should I expect?  How long will I have to wait for the results?  Will it hurt?  Why couldn’t I wear perfume or deodorant?  Why is it so dark in here?

The nurses are very friendly and welcoming.  They readily answer any questions I have and have kind eyes behind their masks.  They lead me to a locker room where I am told to replace my top and bra with the cloth robe and lock up my belongings.  In the locker there I find a mini deodorant and bag of chocolates for after my visit.    

I am led to a dark room with the dreaded mammography machine (dun dun dunnn!)  There is one nurse in the room to help “position” you in the machine and another behind a window who can see what images are being taken by the machine.  Here is where I began to get some answers.  It was dark so that they could see the images, and no perfume or deodorant because they did not want it all over their super expensive machinery.  Also, despite the hype about mammograms being painful vice like devices, it is more uncomfortable than painful.  The ladies there tell me that my doctor should have my results within a week. 


While it was not the best experience of my life, it was far from the worst.  This is something I will have to do for many years to come, and I will always hope for the best outcome.  I would encourage other women to go get their mammograms done when asked to do so by their health care providers.  If you have any questions or concerns talk to your doctor, nurse practitioner, or friends who have been through this process.

 Let’s take the mystery out of mammograms and become advocates, not only for ourselves, but for each other.  Perhaps Serena Williams said it best when she told People Magazine, “Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another.  We’re strongest when we cheer each other on.”  So ladies, let’s be each other’s advocates and cheerleaders in every aspect of life.        

If you have more thoughts or information about breast cancer awareness contact us here!

[1] American Cancer Society Guidelines for the Early Detection of Cancer, July 30, 2020, https://www.cancer.org/healthy/find-cancer-early/cancer-screening-guidelines/american-cancer-society-guidelines-for-the-early-detection-of-cancer.html

[2] Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines, 2020, https://www.mskcc.org/cancer-care/types/breast/mammograms-breast-exams/screening-guidelines-breast

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Last call: Corn Mazes

This is the last weekend to enjoy a corn maze! Corn Mazes offer great memories for couples or families. Most mazes are open from September or October until Oct 31 or Nov 1. Make sure you enjoy the beautiful fall colors and support your local family farm before they’re closed for the season!