There are many CRM options in the market and all have a variety of positive and negative reviews. Each will tell you they are the best.

Digital-55 focuses our CRM on small to medium business clients. Their needs are very different and can easily be overlooked by many of the big CRM competitors. You and your sales team speak with 100’s and in some cases 1,000’s of different people who should all be classified as Leads.

Point # 1 Stop using your Outlook or Gmail Contacts folder as your version of a CRM because it cannot organize your information and handle conversation or connection information.

Point # 2 Who controls your companies’ “Customer Contact Information”?
If on individual employees’ mobile phones – they do – and they can take it with them if they ever quit.

Point # 3 Make it simple and easy to add Contact and Company information

Let’s identify what the basics features of a CRM are and not spend time identifying features that you don’t really need nor should you pay for.
Standard Function

  • Company information
  • Contact information
  • Leads
  • Opportunities
  • Activities
  • Notes
  • Basic Features


  • Notes … provides a record to share on every conversation
  • Sales Tracking
  • What are the opportunities
  • Who is skipping steps and missing deals
  • Can show people, projects and opportunities slipping through the cracks
  • Project Management

Point # 4 Standard Functions and Basic Features will help a LOT of small business be more profitable and organized.

Point # 5 A simple and easy CRM will have a higher adoption rate.

There isn’t a CRM created that is perfect for every business. But rather than concentrate on what is wrong with a tool we suggest that you use the Basic CRM for 30-90 days. Understand its Workflow and how it functions in its most basic form.

It is very likely that by understanding the Digital-55 CRM workflow, you may discover ways that you can streamline some of your workflow strategies which will save you time and development costs.

Point # 6  Through understanding the Digital-55 CRM workflow is very likely to show you how you can improve your organization’s workflow process.
CRM should be the cornerstone of your marketing strategy

Point # 7 Understanding your CRM’s constant interaction with your website, lead generation, sales and marketing will be critically important so can take advantage of the Big Data trends and analysis available so you can be proactive with predictive marketing strategies.

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