[vc_row][vc_column width="1/1"][vc_column_text]Two of the biggest challenges small businesses face are 1) how to qualify and follow up on leads and 2) how to prioritize sales activities. The key to solving these problems may just be a CRM. Here’s just a brief list of reasons why your company needs a customer relationship management system:

1. Safe Data Storage

CRMs help businesses safely and centrally store their contacts, sales opportunities, and activities in one place. Good CRM software provides uninterrupted access to the database from anywhere. With our simple and easy CRM, inugo, you can trust that your data won’t just get lost or stolen.

2. Planning and Time-management

A productive CRM helps your salespeople manage their daily schedules and prioritize tasks to make sure customers are not ignored - ensuring that key prospects are contacted in a timely manner. In fact, a CRM allows salespeople to spend more time with customers, which leads to more deals closed and a stronger customer base.

3. Activity Reporting

With a CRM, you can easily prepare weekly and/or monthly reports for management. The process should be automated and transparent. With inugo, it takes just a few clicks to inform others about what sales are currently in progress.

4. Customer Targeting

When all your customer-related data is stored in a CRM, it helps salespeople (and the marketing department) analyze the needs of customers and even anticipate their problems – all at the right time. All this increases customer satisfaction and ensures loyalty, as well as higher profit margins.

5. Cut Down on Admin Tasks

Need help segmenting your data and identifying valuable opportunities via criteria-based searches? If you're spending hours surfing through disorganized lists of data and cutting and pasting data from various documents, a CRM can eliminate that wasted time.

Reduce and even remove some of the repetitive actions that take a lot of time, but yield little profitability. A CRM stores product and price details, triggers reminders for activities, and takes salespeople through the sales pipeline step by step. A CRM can streamline your entire sales cycle. Plus, it will help everyone in the team reach targets faster. Since order processing and preparing quotes is automated in CRM, your sales teams can reduce production costs and increase sales revenue.

6. Save Money with a CRM

CRM systems help you save your money! For salespeople, it reduces the possibility of errors (for example, in orders or quotes.) That's important because the effort related to correcting those errors is costly. And what about those vanishing Post-it notes? When your information is digitally (and safely) stored in a CRM, your data is never lost.

If adopted and used correctly, a CRM is going to boost the performance of any sales team and will help salespeople excel in the areas that are critical for them. This will in-turn, increase your small businesses profitability.

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