There is a lot of talk these days using the word “Essential.” “Essential Personnel,” “Essential Items,” “Essential Services,” “Essential Oils…” What is “Essential?”

What's the definition of Essential?

Merriam-Webster defines essential as: being of the utmost importance. I would argue that anything that is essential has an inherent worth in someone’s opinion.

Only some people are currently classified as “essential” during this worldwide pandemic. I understand that there are things that may take precedence such as medical emergencies, stores that sell food, truck drivers, utility companies, and sanitation workers are essential. But throughout this ordeal, I believe many other things have become essential services as well. Since we are staying home so much, it is essential that we purchase a basketball hoop system for our little guy. Many would argue that is not essential, however, people with small children will know what I am talking about.

People go shopping for things they need every day. Necessities are not limited to food. Kids outgrow clothes quickly. People have birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, funerals, and weddings. I also believe that everyone is essential. An employee is always essential to the employer. It is essential to have a job so you can support yourself and your family who rely on you. You were created by Intelligent Design with such intricacies and systems that can take up slack if something happens to one organ or limb. This means you were planned and you are essential.

At Digital 55, we genuinely believe everyone is essential. Our company has been tasked with getting the message out for all of our clients to inform their customers about what they are doing during the pandemic. Communication is important no matter what your business is.

Do you feel like you may have missed some opportunities to relay your message to your customers over the last couple of months? Don’t keep making the same mistake. Contact us today and see how we can help you.

We really will get through this and we will be stronger for it. I hope this blog has been encouraging to you. Now more than ever it is essential to build each other up and to realize what is important in our lives.