Northwest Ohio Wine Tour

If you live in NW Ohio you don’t have to travel far to have some fun on this wine tour; these wineries will be a destination you will enjoy.

Since Digital-55 is based in the Toledo / Maumee area, we will start your tour with the closest and head west.

Majestic Oak, Grand Rapids, OH (4.0 Star Rating)

This location is just 20-minutes west.  I visited this winery several years ago and wasn’t too impressed. However, not too long ago, some friends and I jumped in the car and we started our wine tour there. Wow, how things have changed!  The “Majestic Oak” was still there but things had grown.  Outdoor seating was wonderful, entertainment was fun, and one of my guests knew people in the band, so overall it was a very enjoyable experience.  Oh, and the wines are pretty-good as well.  13554 Mohler Rd, Grand Rapids, OH 43522

Lumberyard Winery, Napoleon, OH (3.5 Star Rating)

As the name implies, the location used to be a lumberyard in downtown Napoleon.  There are no vine-on locations, and the building doesn’t give me the feel of old world Italy, but the staff was friendly and people we met were enjoying the wine and entertainment. It was a great place for family gatherings.  118 W Front St, Napoleon, OH 43545

Leisure Time Winery, Napoleon, OH (4.4 Star Rating)

This is definitely one of my favorite wineries in the region.  Why?  Wine, food, and entertainment.  When the band is on a break, you CAN hear the corn grow (snap, crackle, pop).  But this is really a very fun place … they have wines for all tastes, and a variety of foods whether you want a snack or meal.  This is just past Napoleon on Route 24, and then south a little.  It is well worth the drive.  This place has a ton of Google Ratings as well, averaging 4.8 so a lot of people agree with my recommendations.  16982 County Rd M2, Napoleon, OH 43545

Stoney Ridge Winery, Bryan, OH (3.8 Star Rating)

Stoney Ridge Winery is one of the furthest destinations on this wine tour, but if you combine it with one or two other wineries it contributes to an especially pleasant afternoon/evening.  This winery is also located in the country, but it is a nice facility and the wine is very good as well.  The outdoor seating, even in the Fall, is delightful.  In fact, they have great retail distribution in retail facilities in northwest Ohio.   7144 Williams Co Rd 16, Bryan, OH 43506

Knotty Vines Farm & Winery, Wauseon, OH, Wauseon, OH (no star rating yet)

The Knotty Vine winery opened their doors for tastings in late December 2012.  Seating was expanded in 2015.  Even though most Ohio wineries are noted to offer sweet wines, the owners of the Knotty Vine are naming their own unique wines with titles like “American Red Wine, Final Blend, Vineyard Jewels, or Farmer’s Choice.  These are not your traditional Cabs, Merlots or Syrahs.  Even though I have not visited this winery yet, I plan to in the next few weeks.  Wauseon is close, so fire up the buggy and explore The Knotty Vine.   2920 County Road 19, Wauseon, OH  43567 

Did you know that Ohio offers a magazine called SIP in print and digital?  It is a fantastic resource and will be a valuable tool to discover Ohio wines.  Here is a link to the Ohio Wines website, Complete the form and receive for free:

  • Ohio Wine Guide Booklet
  • The Ohio Wine Wheel … understand more about Ohio reds, whites, and pairings, and
  • SIP Magazine

Enjoy Ohio, our fantastic wines, and the best of our wineries.

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