Just came across the State of Small Business Report, where over 1100 U.S. small businesses were surveyed, in a courtesy presentation by Wasp Barcode Technologies. Just over 19% indicated finding time and resources for marketing to be one of the biggest challenges in 2018.

The State of Small Business Report has a lot of components which indicates that it is accurate. The retiring baby boomers will drive key administrative positions wages higher. Can technology bridge the gap? Digital 55 says, “YES.” Our team believes SMBs need two key supporting roles CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and CFO (Chief Financial Officer). We have been working diligently on building a platform that can help SMB clients to manage sales channel, brand management, communications, big data, and accounting. Digital 55 is going to be the leader in SMB platform that can be a virtual CMO & CFO for small business.

Our “ONMARKETPLACE” concept is going to have an affordable bundled feature for small business that supports sales, marketing, and financial functions.