[vc_row][vc_column width="1/1"][vc_column_text]Social Media engagement is one of the most important tactics of a business’ online presence. Social media engagement consists of likes, follows, shares, comments, retweets, and link clicks.

Responding to the comments on social media posts is becoming more critical. It helps businesses develop relationships with current customers and potential leads.

It is also important to “humanize” your company. This means to include real people on your business platform. Adding people to your feed, promotes trust and makes the business more reachable. Going “behind the scenes” is a special way that your followers will become interested. Behind the scenes videos, birthday celebrations or team bonding activities are all unique ways of showing off your brand.

So you’ve “humanized” your brand now how can you actually get followers to see the content you are producing? 

There are a few ways to bring people to your account. Hashtags, Geo-Location, strong captions, and visual content will help others see your page.

Hashtags are useful because when you post a picture with a hashtag, anyone can see it under its specific hashtag page. If you search #socialmediatips on any social media platform every post that someone has used that certain hashtag in, will come up.

Hashtags are also very beneficial to put a group of people’s posts in one spot. A popular trend lately has been wedding hashtags. A bride and groom create a custom hashtag and ask people to post online using it. The guests can then go through the hashtag and see what others posted while they were there.

A Geo-Location tag is almost the same thing. But instead of being able to hashtag anything, a Geo-Location tags certain places.

For example, almost every restaurant, park, store etc. has a Geo-Location. People can tag exactly where they are when they post. This helps business’ because it is basically free advertising.

If you like a certain meal at a restaurant, attend a concert at a venue or buy a product from a store- you can post about it and tag where you are. This allows everyone searching for that specific place to know what is offered and where.

Strong captions are just as important because once you add a hashtag and a Geo-Location to your post, a caption is all your missing. It is becoming more mainstream to include emojis and new slang words into your captions to appeal to younger audiences if that is what your company’s audience is.

Writing captions is a common thing most people struggle with. Thinking about the reasoning behind your caption is the first thing to do. Is this post to get people to buy your product? Is your goal for this post to connect with your audience more? Or, is it simply just for fun? Your caption should encourage conversations not only about this post but about your company/brand in general. Open-ended conversations allow the commenter to fill in the blank to what you are asking.

Alright, so you have a strong caption with a great hashtag and it is geo-tagged to your location… What’s next?

The visual content is what is going to be the driving factor to your page. Visual content is more than 40 times more likely to be shared on social media rather than other types of content. A creative approach to this is key. Whether it is photos or graphics, people like to see visually-appealing content. Visual advertising is in everything.

Each company has a logo that most people can recognize. When you see the Golden Arches, a large majority of people recognize it as McDonald’s even if they aren’t fast food eaters. Who doesn’t know the very famous Nike swoosh? That speaks to everyone even if they are not exercise fans.

So yes, there are many different strategies to promote your business online but just remember social media is supposed to be just that- social. It’s about talking to and with people and not at them. These tips can help you grow your audience and brand as a whole.

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