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All About our Small Business Marketing Package

If you are looking for a simple, cost efficient, time saving, and custom marketing package we have it right here for you! The Small Business Package saves you time and money by combining our digital marketing, lead generation, and productivity solutions into a convenient and affordable package.  

What’s Included? 

In your Small Business Package you receive a one page custom website, an email marketing strategy, and the Inugo Simple and Easy CRM. It has everything you need! There is an endless amount of opportunities that this package could bring you. Including, increase your productivity, increase lead generation, and drive more traffic to your website. Do not hesitate and get your Small Business Package today. 

Custom Website

Your new website will include your brand, social media integration, a clear call to action, an about section describing who you are, and a contact form to collect customer information. The website will include everything you need! On top of all of this your website will be user friendly, professional, and have a mobile responsive web design. Your website will be built on a strong infrastructure that will ensure your data is safe. 

Email Marketing

Having an email marketing strategy will help you reach your target audience and direct potential customers to your NEW website. All of our marketing templates are built to be mobile responsive and are personalized with your logo and messaging. Plus, you’ll also have access to reporting. This shows the delivery status, how many people opened your email, how many clicks you're getting, and other crucial information that will help you build a stronger relationship with your target audience. Your email marketing campaign will be brand specific to your business. Our email templates are innovative, fresh, and customized to your brand. 

Inugo Simple and Easy CRM

Every business is looking for solid lead generation programs to feed prospect information to its sales team. What better way than to use a customer relationship management tool? The Inugo Simple & Easy CRM, has been built specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. Inugo has upgrade packages that are able to integrate a campaign communication platform, customized instant quote tools, and integrate our anonymous website visitor identification tool. The platform can be set up to work with landing pages and auto-response systems as well. Start connecting lead generation, communications, and big data analytics into one effective tool.


Your Small Business Package is waiting here for you! 

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