Centralize Data

Your CRM should be the hub from which sales, marketing, and communications flow. INUGO The Simple & Easy CRM has built-in messaging tools to help accomplish that goal. The platform can be setup to work with landing pages and auto response systems as well.

Increase Sales Efficiencies

Every business is looking for solid lead generation programs to feed prospect information to it’s sales team. INUGO The Simple & Easy CRM is able to integrate a campaign communication platform, customized instant quote tools, as well as our anonymous website visitor identification tool.

CRM On black computer

Manage Your Business, Not Your Software

INUGO has been built specifically for small and medium size businesses. We offer affordable pricing and customization as needed. If the software you are using has an API, it is likely it can be integrated into this platform. Our Support Team will be available during your business hours and 24/7 in an emergency

Simple and Easy CRM


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