Branding is Important

Branding is a key element of your business. Your branding is the first building block that positions your business to be able to speak to customers and clients about the identity of your company. A strong brand will express your purpose, products, services, and mission to the consumers. Therefore, do not discount the message that your brand is sending out. 

RGP - Regional Growth Partnership

RGP - Regional Growth Partnership of Northwest, Ohio is an economic development group. They prioritize confidentiality, innovation, and time-sensitivity when working with any business. RGP acts in the best interest of businesses and understands the importance of business growth. Most importantly, RGP offers a variety of business development services that effectively manage site selection. These services include:  

  • Comprehensive site and facility searches
  • Incentive packaging
  • Project development, planning, and expediting
  • Facilitating projects in collaboration with regional and state partners
  • Provide access to Northwest Ohio’s premier venture capital firm

RGP is a well known business development company that the team here at Digital 55 has done work for including their branding. 

The why behind the brand.

Sam Scherf, Creative Director said, "Our goal behind the branding of RGP was to focus on the logo and the messaging behind it. The goal for the logo was to create a concise, short, and simple refresh of the image. There is purpose and meaning behind every element of a logo ranging from the color to the font."

Each element of the logo we created fit the criteria of intentional and purposeful. The acronym created a more concise and recognizable look. The organization was most widely known as RGP and the design is clean. The bold lettering allows the logo to capture the attention of potential clients. Due to RGP being a business development company the arrow was included to symbolize growth. The descriptor at the bottom of the logo is a location identifier and tells what RGP is selling. The color choices in the logo are intentional as well. The navy blue represents strength, stability, and confidence. The green accent color represents profit, success, and growth. The colors and meaning complement each other well. Font in the process of designing a logo is important. The font chosen for RGP’s logo is strong, modern, and uncomplicated. The Italicized font represents forward thinking and always being in motion.  Breaking down the RGP logo shows the intentionality and thought that needs to be put into any branding. The branding of a company is the first impression that potential customers and clients receive.

We are thankful that RGP allowed us to be on this journey with them and that we continue to get to have this company as a client. You can find RGP here

At Digital 55 we care greatly about our clients and are always ready to help. We will intentionally develop your brand and create the right first impression for you. Contact us here today!