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OnLetterhead Branded Email

Consistent labeling is important to every organization’s digital communication. Using OnLetterhead branded email allows ProMedica to protect their brand and send attractive emails that make a great impression on the recipient.


eMagazines & eNewsletters

Our Emagazines and eNewsletters help tell the story of how ProMedica is constantly evolving to meet the needs of patients whether through creativity, education, as well as patient follow-up.


Mass Email & Text Messaging

Large organizations like ProMedica need a stable and dependable messaging platform so they can be assured that their email is being delivered to staff, patients, friends and the community. They use Digital 55’s OnMarketer/1Point platform. SMS Text messaging isn’t for everyone, but if you have a group that is difficult to communicate with sometimes Text Messaging is the perfect solution.


Internal Training Website

Occasionally large organizations find they need a platform which will offer different levels of the organization’s information on a variety of topics. Access controls can be built in so various positions can view materials applicable to their needs.


ProMedica continues to be on the verge of innovation in the Medical Field. They now have a variety of resources to maximize their effectiveness communicating with their patients and staff.

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