When you need to know what's below

Using radar and electromagnetic technologies, GPRS locates hidden and hazardous obstructions below ground, helping the construction industry keep projects on-time and mitigate risk.


The challenge

Lack of effective marketing materials made explaining and selling this technology to prospective clients a difficult job. They engaged us to create a digital marketing strategy to help prospects more easily understand what GPRS does and why they are the best in the industry.

Video marketing

Seeing is Selling

We produced a video allowing the prospects to gain a quick understanding of this complicated technology.



Show and Sell

A recent upgrade of new equipment meant new photos would be needed for designing the sales and marketing materials.

gprs brochure

print design

Statement of Qualification

Support materials are important to promote the brand and effectively deliver the message.


Power Point

Sales Presentation

GPRS Directors are responsible for presenting the company to construction managers, engineers, and contractors in their area. We designed an engaging power point presentation to assist with these engagements.

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