[vc_row][vc_column width="1/1"][vc_column_text]Many people ask what life is like working at the Digital 55 office or, more commonly, they ask if I like working here. Of course! But, it is definitely not your average office. We strive to make each day fun while also helping our clients make the most of their brand. Everyone has to go to work. Why not make it fun? When you enjoy what you do, it will show... and life at the Digital 55 office is just that, enjoyable!

What is a typical day in our office?

Well, today there was some brief dancing to commercial music. Life at the Digital 55 office is always entertaining. On our breaks, we love to have an entertaining visit from our four legged Chief Barketing Officer, Harley. We look forward to seeing her help light up the office.

Just the other day, we needed to create a marketing video for one of our clients. They wanted one of our staff members to narrate the video. One of his lines included the words, "one hundred million." Take after take "a hundred million" was what actually was said. Multiple times, despite outcries from the audience (our co-workers). While the outtakes will make a great blooper reel, It felt like it took "ONE hundred million" times to get it right!

But here's the point, this example shows the care we take daily to ensure your message is relayed the way you intend it to be. Each professional at Digital 55 is able to have fun while still creating and completing work that will exceed your expectations.

Are you ready to have your expectations exceeded?

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