[vc_row][vc_column width="1/1"][vc_column_text]Life As A Digital Marketing Intern at Digital 55 is always exciting! Whether I am on a video shoot for a client, editing blogs, creating social media posts or in a meeting with a new customer, I am always learning.

I have almost been at Digital 55 for a year. In August of 2019, I stumbled upon Digital 55’s website. It was after a nonchalant Google search for Social Media Marketing in Toledo, Ohio. I reached out to them via their website and secured an interview. I met everyone in the office and knew this was the place for me. After I was hired, I decorated my desk and swiftly was thrown into the world of digital marketing.

Since I am still in college, one of the most memorable days was one morning when I was in class we were learning about the “Rule Of Thirds” in a video production class. Then, later that afternoon we had a video shoot at work. We of course used the “Rule Of Thirds” when interviewing the client. This is one of my favorite things about my life as a Digital Marketing Intern, because I immediately get to put into action the skills I learn in either place so I do not forget them.

Because I am the intern for the office, I do the daily lunch run. It does not sound exciting but I actually really enjoy going to and trying local restaurants, some that I have never had before. We have been highlighting the local restaurants that we order from on our social media accounts on “Fun Food Friday.”

Speaking about social media, after Digital 55 reopened due to the corona-virus shutdown, I have had the privilege to run Digital 55’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. I am a Media Communication major in college and a large part of my course load is social media classes. So, this is right up my alley. In the classroom and in the office, I am learning how to schedule posts, save posts in drafts and use the website, Canva for graphics. Real life hands on experience as a Digital Marketing Intern has also impacted my performance in the classroom. I am more engaged now at school because I know I will need what I am learning for the office.

My Takeaway from Life As A Digital Marketing Intern

I feel very fortunate for my life as a Digital Marketing Intern at Digital 55 because I work in an encouraging and enjoyable learning environment.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]