[vc_row][vc_column width="1/1"][vc_column_text]Are your email campaigns failing to connect with customers? Do you even know what your email engagement rate is? Nearly half of the marketers who participated in a recent Demand Metric/Return Path study reported email open rates of 15% or less, while almost 60% cited click-through rates of 8% or less.

At Digital-55, we believe this isn’t because email marketing is past its prime, rather because too many marketers have neglected to change with the times. Today’s customers have become much more sophisticated about how they consume content.

Here are three easy ways you can improve your email marketing efforts to better connect with your audience and increase engagement:

  1. Segment your lists

The first thing you’ll want to do is figure out who you’re talking to—and what style of content relates to them.

Some of the most popular characteristics marketers use to segment their lists include:

  • Job title or function
  • Demographics
  • Purchase history
  • Website activity
  • Past email clicks or opens

Why is this important? People’s inboxes are cluttered with marketing emails every day. If you keep sending messages that fail to pique their interests, they’ll quickly tune out.

Segmenting your lists gives you a chance to customize your communications and create tailor-made messages that resonate with your intended audience.

  1. Trigger your messaging

Launching a triggered messaging program—using innovative email marketing software like our OnMarketer system—can help. This type of system allows you to contact customers and prospects based on actions or conditions.

For example, if someone abandoned their online shopping cart on your ecommerce site, you could send them a strategically timed discount offer. Or, if a person left you a business card at a recent expo event, you could then send them a personalized message thanking them for their time.

By making your interactions more meaningful, you’ll earn customer trust and gain greater influence over buying decisions.

  1. Take advantage of your data

In modern marketing, data is a priceless commodity. For email marketing to have real impact, data must be front and center. Marketers should capitalize on the information that at their fingertips to learn more about their audience.

Even information that doesn’t seem relevant can be useful. Evaluating how customers behave on a website or social media channel can provide a more vivid picture of their interests, enabling you to improve how you engage with them.

Where do you keep your data? Your CRM should be the hub from which sales, marketing, and communications flow. INUGO The Simple & Easy CRM has messaging tools to help accomplish your data segmenting goals. The platform can be setup to work with landing pages and auto response systems as well.

Our cloud-based CRM is simple to setup and easy to use, connecting lead generation, communications and big data analytics into one effective tool.

The End Game: Deliver quality communications

Putting these three ideas into practice will help you elevate your email marketing to greater success. You’ll foster trust between you and your customers, prove you’re tuned in to their needs, and show you’re listening by providing value, not just trying to sell them stuff. And THAT’S all your email subscribers are looking for in their inbox.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]