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The Value of Email Marketing

For over twenty years email marketing has been a valuable tool for advertising and it isn’t going away. But the use of email marketing will evolve, simply by knowing how your recipient wants to receive communication. Customer preferences will drive how digital marketers should communicate with their audience. Your communication may be for text or email that should have a mobile friendly appearance. Personalization is not new but even for transactional email the level of engagement is proven. So, don’t forget a simple thank you email for signing up on a website is nice. Be sure to add the personalization to it. Studies have indicated that personalized emails can increase engagement up to 14% for a click through rate.

Remember, don’t forget about the data which can tell you a lot about your communications. Opens and clicks can help you determine the level of engagement your content or value is bringing to an email recipient. If email data analytics is too confusing, then maybe putting together an email marketing strategy may be, too. Digital 55 offers full-service email marketing which allows us to do the heavy lifting and provides that back-end support small businesses can count on to deliver a professional email communication.  Don’t allow do-it-yourself email platforms to consume your time when professionals can be here to support your digital marketing strategy. Digital 55 can help you! Contact us TODAY![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]