Starting in 2018, Google is going to start flagging websites if you do not have an SSL Certificate installed.

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer … it is a web tool that adds a layer of security to websites. In the past this was something that was standard operating procedure for a site with a shopping cart or they you collected lots of data from visitors.

Online security has become a major issue … it seems you hear about someone being hacked nearly every day … so as another layer of security, the new recommendation is to have an SSL Certificate for every website.

How do you know if you have an SSL on your site? It’s very simple, and the difference can be seen in the URL or your website address.

Example with an SSL installed:

Example with no SSL installed:

The HTTPS has a certificate … the HTTP does not.

And yes, we will be correcting this on our webinar website immediately after posting this article.

SSL is a licensed service and there are a lot of providers in the market place you can use. But be careful … not all SSL Certificates are the same.

They can be grouped based on:

Validation Level
Number of secured domains/subdomains that need to be covered
Validation Level (options)

Domain Validation Certificates
Organization Validated Certificates
Extended Validated Certificates
Number of Secured Domains (options)

Single Domain
Most website owners will not have the knowledge or experience needed to make this decision so I recommend you contact a professional. At Digital-55 we do this every day so we would be happy to help.

So, what you do you need to do;

Step 1: Since SSL Certificates are licensed, you have to decide if you want to purchase a

1 Year license
2 Year license or
3 Year license
Step 2: Prices have a wide range. It is most important that your SSL is from a known and respected organization. Minimum of $15/year up.

Step 3: Contact a web professional and engage their service to help. In most cases, it should take 1.5-2 hours to install and confirm the certificate is working correctly.

Have questions? We would be happy to help – just give us a call.