A CRM or Customer Relationship Management system helps to streamline sales and boost your company’s revenue. In fact, sources say that CRM systems can increase revenue by about 41%, PER SALESPERSON. An online CRM allows your small business to organize leads from the website and track them throughout the entire sales process.

Marketing is not about single interactions-- it’s about building a complete customer experience. With a CRM system, you can accurately track each customer’s information.

A CRM can capture and analyze months of customer behavior data which lets you better understand the different decisions that guided customers throughout the sale. You can use this information to improve your marketing strategies. For example, changing email campaigns to see how customers interact with them. The open and click data collected can guide you to the optimal way to reach your target audience. A CRM can improve the efficiency of your entire team from sales to customer service. It is very easy to produce workflows on which the staff is able to stick with every day with CRM tools.

A CRM for your Small Business

By investing in a CRM, it gives your company the tools and data it needs to wow your customers. We've found that a 5% increase in customer retention can increase a business’s profitability by 75%. Not only can a CRM focus on a customer’s behavior data but it can also focus on the customer itself.

Regardless of your company's size, there will always be room for improvement within your sales and marketing departments. ​Whether it automates follow-up on a new lead, or provides a reliable new customer integration process, ​A CRM is able to improve the entire team's productivity-from distribution to customer service.

Every business is looking for solid lead generation programs to feed prospect information to its' sales team. INUGO The Simple & Easy CRM is able to integrate a campaign communication platform, customized instant quote tools, as well as our anonymous website visitor identification tool. CONTACT US TODAY to learn more!