Convert more web traffic

You don’t need expensive software or high priced consultants to begin gathering data. You can start with something you already have – your website analytics. It provides all kinds of data about individual customer purchase patterns, such as:

  • How they arrived at your website
  • How long they were on your website
  • Webpages and items they looked at
  • Were they a mobile or desktop visitor

Close more sales

Our Simple & Easy CRM (Customer relationship management) software can provide a wealth of small business intelligence.

  • Lead generation and tracking
  • Sales pipeline forecasting
  • Sales team wins, losses & follow-thru
  • Trends, strengths and weaknesses, and
  • Profitability analysis

Drive customer loyalty

Credit card transactions are packed with information that can be used to reveal all sorts of purchasing trends. This information can mean different things to different businesses. Extract hidden data from your POS System to reveal customer information you need to grow your business.

  • Show sales performance
  • Monitor buying habits
  • Evaluate customers and customer segments
  • Identify top customers for rewards
  • Improve promotions and loyalty programs
  • Measure customer loyalty and engagement
  • Watch sales trends through purchase histories
  • Launch more effective marketing campaigns

Your small business is ready for Big Data

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