[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]This blog is about free back to school research apps you may or may not know exist that can make your life (and your student’s life) a lot easier. If your android device or computer do not have these apps, you can search for similar ones. Included at the end are some parenting tips.

Back to School Resources for Getting Organized – 

Trello is a favorite of mine. You can add assignments and easily drag and drop into different categories. This is especially helpful for large assignments that span over weeks so you can track where you are and how close you are getting to your deadline.

Resources for Writing Papers (Brainstorming) -

Mind Mapping – MindMeister is a brainstorming tool that helps you organize, prioritize, and even generate new thoughts. It easily syncs your account between mobile and online. In addition, it has a drag-and-drop feature.

Resources for Writing Papers (Citing Resources) -

Cited allows you to select the proper format and template required in your syllabus. Simply, just enter your information and click “Create” and you have everything you need to get a perfect score on your citations.

Resources for Study Helps (Flashcards) -

Quizlet helps you study, practice, and master what you’re learning. You can create your own flashcards or choose from their extensive collection of flashcards created by other users.

Resources for File Storage – 

Evernote and Dropbox both give you a place in the cloud where you can store your notes and access them anywhere – even on the go. You can also use your phone’s camera to take a scan of your notes if you don’t have time to type them in. ** Information can be retained more easily the more senses you engage. For instance, if you listen (hear) and write (feel) the notes, plus later read (sight) and type (feel) you are guaranteed to do better in your classes. It takes quite a bit of extra time, but consider it your study time and it is well worth it!!

Math (Homework help) –

PhotoMath allows you to take a photo of a math problem and will show you step-by-step instruction to the solution.

Resources for Math (Scientific and Graphing Calculators) -

Calculator # and Graphing Calculator X84  are alternatives to graphing TI-83, TI-84, TI-89, Casio FX, Sharp EL, and more in case you forgot your calculator at home.

Resources for Foreign Language Classes -

Duolingo provides quick bite-size lessons for over 35 languages help you learn with game-like lessons. Therefore, you can effectively prepare for real conversations for travel, school, career, family, and friends in most commonly studied languages.

Resources for Studying and Managing Classes

iStudiez allows you to input and easily manage all types of schedules including classic, alternating (A & B weeks), rotating, and block schedules. You can enter your course details and add instructors’ hours, holiday schedule, phone, email, and grades and GPA. Cancel separate classes, mark class types, and extracurricular activities. Keep track of your homework and assignments and plan your study times. Organize classes and assignments by date, course, priority, or pending and completed. In addition, you can also see third-party calendars.

Behavior Issues – 

Some things you can use if your student gives you a hard time about getting his/her work or chores done:

  • “You are responsible to me. You said you would get it done by 9:00. I expect it to be done by 9:00. I’m accountable to you. I said I would check at 9:00. If it’s not done you cannot do___.” No excuses.
  • Give clear consequence ahead of time: Eliminate device distractions with a blocker or taking away their phone, videogame, tv, other siblings, etc.
  • Help your child work through a solution now (if forgot homework at home) but will work on a strategy tonight so it does not happen again.
  • Coach them how to deal with people effectively if they have problems with them.
  • Tell them exactly what you are looking for (homework completed, entire room clean, etc.)
  • Offer choices: “Do you want to wear the blue shirt or the white shirt?”
  • Encourage: “You did a great job going in & doing your homework. I’d like you to do it again tonight.”

Back to School Conclusion - 

Hopefully, these will help make this school year a little easier regardless if you are homeschooling virtually or in the classroom. There are several million apps for whatever device you use. Heading to the “Store” on your app may be a great way to help you look like you know everything in the eyes of your student.

If you have more back to school resources or tips you can contact us here! [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]