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Did you see our social media engagement poll asking you to choose the colors of a traffic light? No? Go check it out on our Facebook page!

The importance of engaging your audience cannot be unsold. We're not just talking about Facebook, LinkedIn, and the like...this applies to email, too. If you don't post content that people want to engage with, you're going to be fighting an uphill battle. That got me thinking ...

Months ago, while driving. I mentioned that I hoped I could make this light. The passenger in my car said, “You made it!” My response was, “Well, it was yellow.” The response was, “What??? Yellow?? There isn’t a yellow light!” As the conversation progressed it was evident this person sees the traffic lights as Red, Orange, and Green. Not wanting to debate this topic further, I moved onto another topic. About 2 months later, the same passenger was in the car. He said we were coming up to an Orange light. I asked, “Where?” Needless to say this sparked another conversation about the topic, however, it was evident neither participant was going to budge. Time to settle this once and for all. We made a deal that we would ask the opinion of at least 5 people. If 1 person said “Red, Orange, Green,” I would give my sidekick $1. If every person said “Red, Yellow, Green” he would have to do a chore for me.

People are suspicious. We had to phrase the question such as, “Hi. Could I ask you a quick question? It’s NOT a trick question. What are the 3 colors of a traffic light?” Most people thought it was a joke but would say, “Red, Yellow, Green.” When my fellow survey taker would then exclaim, “NO! It’s Red, Orange, and Green!” Then they would snicker.

Oddly enough, the 5th person we asked did say, “Red, Orange, Green.” To which I humbly smiled and said, “Thank you.” A person in her party said, “What?!? It’s Red, Yellow, and Green!” Then she said, “Maybe people from different areas see it differently. I am from France.” And her accent corroborated her story.

I paid the loser’s consequence. However, we did have fun with our little experiment so we continued with the question via social media. Some people did not answer the question, they just used the laughing emoji to express themselves. Out of all of the people to answer, 64 total, only 2 have answered, “Red, Orange, Green.”

Are you engaging your audience?

Through this experiment I realized that it can be easy to engage people that we encounter in public as well as through social media. Asking questions invites people to interact with you. It generates interest in your company and/or products.

We are experts in advertising through social media and we can help you get involved with your customers and increase your brand awareness. Contact us today and see how we can maximize your marketing dollars and help drive more traffic to your website and (SOMEDAY) your brick and mortar building.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]