Relevant and engaging content is important to your company and its success. 2020 has revolutionized and changed the type of content that is created. Implementing and finding ways to create new content can help your company increase engagement across platforms. Keep your eyes sharp because content trends are constantly changing. 

1. In-the-moment content.  

Show your customers who your company is. Content that is real time shows what your company is doing day to day.People want to see the faces behind the brand. Do not hesitate to show people who your company is and what your working environment is like! 

It may be difficult if everyone is working from home, but there are ways to do this. You can take screenshots from team meetings or have employees show snippets of their home office set-ups! Be real.

2. Purposeful Content

Content with a purpose is key to the success of what you are promoting. Being purpose-driven in your business is important otherwise what is the point of what you are doing? More and more people are looking to interact with brands who care about the world and have a purpose behind their business. 

If you have not hopped on this trend yet there is still time to as you plan for the new year. Find a cause that your company can get behind. Then you are able to work it into your marketing plan and brand strategy by donating proceeds, products, or services and volunteer your company’s time for something that matters and makes a difference. Adopting this approach into your brand allows you to connect with more customers and creates greater value for your employees. 

3. Video Content

Producing video messaging became the preferred content marketing method in 2020 and a trend that is here to stay. A short video can often give customers that information they want all in one place versus reading and searching for the answers to their questions. 

These videos do not have to be the highest quality. You are not creating a major motion picture that the whole world will see. Your video should be pleasing to the eye and have a main focal point. The video you create should be more than just you talking into your phone, but not too much more. You want it to be as real and concise as possible.  

Here are some helpful tips on creating video content.

4. Podcasts

Podcasts are just simple conversations. It is audio content that does not have to be heavily edited similar to the video content. All you need is something to say and people to listen. Editing a podcast should be nothing more than a few hours of work. Time is money and by creating content this way you are saving time and money. 

It can be simple and easy to create and publish a podcast, here are some tips on starting a podcast. 


Keep up on content trends that can impact your business. Don’t hesitate to try new things that could greatly improve your brand presence. Contact us here if you have any questions. We are here for you.