Learn these 3 easy ways to collect valuable customer email addresses and start email marketing today.

Greg Whitlow here. At Digital 55 we get asked all the time, "How do you collect email addresses?" I'm gonna give you three tips on how to collect those email addresses!


Having a sign up on your website any marketing oriented web provider should have that on your website if they don't get it on today you're missing an opportunity for every visitor coming to your site number.


Invoicing and POS systems a lot of those systems your sending email receipts invoices to their inbox more than likely those are the key people that have the authorizations to secure products and services from you get those emails so you can start email marketing today don't miss out on that easy one.


The most obvious one is your salespeople what yeah I guarantee your salespeople have your contacts of your customers and their phone what if they leave the contacts you paid them for are going out the door oops nuts and bolts you're screwed that's why it's important to have a CRM client relationship management tool if you have a CRM and they're not putting the information in why it's probably too cumbersome and that's why Digital 55 offers a simple and easy CRM let me repeat simple and easy it has to be easy for the salespeople to enter this information because a simple and easy CRM allows you to track emails I just gave you three important tips on how to capture those emails now let us put a complete strategy together to keep that cadence of good email marketing to your clients that's what Digital 55 is here to support small business contact us today we are your small business partner this is with and I'm out.